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Taimir’s natural aptitude for business made her the ideal pupil for her dad to bestow his knowledge of Sales Strategies and Customer Relations at a very young age.  Combined with her desire to create a better life for her family in their new country and a passionate work ethic, Taimir joined with her father to invest in her first business venture at the age of 13. 

After graduating High School, Taimir attended college where she met her husband and they started their family soon afterward.  While raising their 3 children, Taimir worked in various fields including the boating industry, governmental agencies and the legal field.  In 2001, Taimir was once again compelled to follow her spirit of entrepreneurship and purchased a pest control company, Pest-Logic.  In this new venture, she has managed the implementation of all operational aspects of the business as well as marketing, sales, daily operations, supervising office staff to servicing of all accounts in the early days to developing technically advanced office operations.   Taimir is now the Chief Marketing Officer for the company with a goal of breaking the top 100 Pest Control companies in America.

Taimir’s desire to give back along with her success in her pest control company have provided her with the opportunity to get involved with causes close to her heart.  Taimir organizes events for immigrant children during the holidays with HALO - Haitian American Leadership Organization and she has also given of her time and energy for the following organizations: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Free Cakes for Kids UK, Junior Achievement USA, Dolphins Cycling Challenge, The Dolphins Business Alliance and Prestige Club of SW Broward. 

Taimir is a native of Havana, Cuba and left the country with her family in 1980 during the Mariel Boat Lift.  She was only 5 years old.  Her family’s history gives her a unique appreciation for the freedoms of her adopted country and the opportunities they present for all peoples willing to work towards their goal.  These shared ideals have drawn Taimir to McWilliams Collective where she has the opportunity to share her natural capacity for business, sales strategies, customer relations, marketing, entrepreneurial expertise and philanthropic spirit on a global scale.

Taimir Terrell

Directing Principal of

New Clientele Initiatives

Chrissy Rosenthal

Directing Principal of Community Outreach & Special Events

Along with her enthusiasm for coordinating meetings that people remember, Chrissy brings a wealth of talents in managing staff, controlling vendors, and communicating with clients to coordinate events nationwide. She also employs deep sales knowledge, having led retail teams in meeting 94% of targets. It’s this combination of skills that gives Chrissy a unique perspective on the business of meeting planning, allowing her to ensure each meeting and event is a success for organizations, clients, and attendees.

After taking time off to raise a family, Chrissy is excited to join McWilliams Collective as their Directing Principal of Community Outreach & Special Events. She combines strong skills in orchestrating meeting planning with significant experience in staff leadership, project management, and business operations and is eager to use these in contributing positively to the company’s success.

Chrissy lives in Lutz, Florida with her two children, who keep her busy with baseball leagues and horseback riding adventures. 

Entrepreneur.  Visual Artist.  Advertising Professional.  Proven leader. Blending her natural creativity with business leadership, Gretchen Leachman leads the Public Relations and Creative Design team at McWilliams Collective with unparalleled creative energy and business savvy.

Starting her career in advertising, she worked in Account Services for six years at a top Louisville agency.  Following her creative side, she then entered freelance work as a copywriter and marketing consultant.  As an entrepreneur, Gretchen achieved the title of Regional Vice President for California-based company, Arbonne.  Winning numerous regional and national awards in sales and recruitment, she was a four-time winner of the company's prestigious President's Circle Award and 2006 Top Sponsoring Award.  In 2013, she launched Gretchen Leachman Designs, an outlet for her original work in wearable and visual arts. 

Gretchen is active in the community and enjoys her free time with husband, Charles, daughters, Anna and Audrey and their dog, Oliver.

Gretchen Leachman

Directing Principal

Public Relations & Creative Design

Shelley Scholl, RN

Directing Principal

Domestic Healthcare Policy Initiatives

Shelley Scholl is a registered nurse at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  She is an In-House Donor Procurement Coordinator specializing in Heart, Lung, Liver and Pancreas donations.  Shelley brings a lifelong occupational professionalism that is uniquely essential in guiding McWilliams Collective in the development of Domestic Healthcare Policy Initiatives. 

Shelley graduated from St. John's School of Nursing in 1982 with a diploma in Nursing and an Associate degree in Arts and Science.  Since 1982, she has worked in various areas in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  She worked with the first NIH grants for Mechanical Assist Devices from 1984 to 1989 and started the first Novacor Program at UCLA in Los Angeles.  Also while at UCLA, she worked as a clinical specialist for the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery specializing in pediatrics and adults and then expanded to the fields of Heart and Lung Transplantation.  She has worked for Mechanical device companies as a Clinical Specialist with clinical trials in the United States and Europe.  She has authored or coauthored multiple articles dealing with mechanical assist and transplantation. She has her nursing license in California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee and is a member of NATCO (The Organization for Transplant Professionals) and is a reviewer for ASAIO (American Society of Artificial Organs).

Shelley lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with her two children.

Dr. Marquessa Fisher

Directing Principal

Global Healthcare Delivery Initiatives

Marquessa Fisher is a certified registered nurse anesthetist at the University of Miami Hospital in Miami, Florida and serves as adjunct faculty for the nurse anesthesia program at the University of Miami, School of Nursing and Health Studies in Coral Gables, Florida.  Her expertise in surgical fire prevention inspired her to develop and author the only surgical fire prevention certification program in the U.S. for healthcare providers.  Marquessa's vast academic & professional experience make her the essential choice to lead McWilliams Collective as the Directing Principal of Global Healthcare Delivery Initiatives.

Dr. Fisher graduated from the University of Miami with the Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2013.  She received a Master's of Science degree in Nurse Anesthesia from Murray State University in 2005, where she served as a member of the Government Relations Committee for the Kentucky Association of Nurse Anesthetists from 2003-2005.  In addition, she earned a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of Louisville in 1999 where she was the recipient of the Charlotte Ann Prewitt Award and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  She is a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists and Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society.

Dr. Fisher currently resides with her family in Coral Springs, Florida.

Angela McWilliams

President, COO & Founding Principal

In the eyes of my two beautiful sons, I see endless possibilities.  Life anew, untarnished as most mothers I suppose.  Being thoughtful of the actions I should take, the values I should express to improve the world in which my children shall thrive.  For me, becoming a parent has given new meaning to the importance of engaging in occupational endeavors which have a real societal impact.  In consultation and prayer with my husband, McWilliams Collective was conceived.

For eight years, I worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the role of Organ Procurement Coordinator for the Heart, Lung and Liver transplant programs and for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for the Pediatric Heart Transplant Program.  I have witnessed, first hand, miracles, heartaches and the benefit of what having access to quality health care can mean for a family despite their socioeconomic status. For me, this exposure has cemented my inherent belief that a callous indifference must not be allowed to exist when establishing public policies which allow for what should be fundamental human rights of every citizen, especially those in a developed society, because all life has intrinsic value regardless of the labels or limitations society has placed on them.  

I am the daughter and granddaughter of two strong and enduring women, both of whom became orphans of a war torn era during a time when the country of their births embraced ideologies of hate over love born out of bigoted fears and fueled by economic inferiority.  This part of my mother's legacy has greatly influenced and shaped my social conscience and I strive to honor her memory everyday.  By example, she taught me to persevere through life's trials and to let them sweeten the spirit by living my faith, to know that I walk in His grace and to have compassion and empathy for the plight of others.  As a global society, we have a responsibility to the children of the world despite which god they may pray to, the color of their skin or the circumstances they have encountered along life's path.  

It is my heartfelt prayer that my diverse academic and professional background, strong work ethic,  personal values of how we treat and value our contemporary fellow man-along with my twenty plus years of experience in business & strategic development, web development, non-profit development, contract negotiations, labor relations, executive management, human resources, logistics, healthcare administration, research, general residential construction contracting and passionate human rights advocacy-help to fulfill the promise of McWilliams Collective in elevating the global social conscience by guiding our efforts along with my husband and our principals to create ripples of positive, lasting change for the world our children will inherit.    

Kari A. Hess, MBA

Directing Principal

Strategic Organization Growth Initiatives

Ms. Hess shares with us over 20 years of success in relationship management, program development and strategic planning.  Originally from Pennsylvania, Kari began her career at the Educational Foundation of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, the state’s premiere lobbying organization. There she honed her skills in relationship development, persuasion and event management.  This followed with the first turn in her career path into the healthcare field, where she spent the next 20 years in varying positions of business development and administration, receiving Leadership awards for her efforts in regional program expansion.  Some personal career highlights for her include the development and growth of a pediatric heart transplant program from inception through fruition, as well as extensive highly specialized recruitment campaigns.  


With a heart for volunteering and community service, Kari has served on the boards of directors of several local and regional organizations such as the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Broward County YMCA and, her particular favorite, The Miracle League, a baseball league for children of varying ability.   She is also active in the South Florida animal rescue community.


Today Ms. Hess is the Director of Business & Physician Development for Holtz Children’s Hospital and The Women’s Hospital Center at Jackson in Miami, FL.  In addition, she and her husband run a successful multi-faceted international company focused primarily on effecting change in the healthcare arena through prevention and wellness.   They currently work with teams in the US, South America, Europe and South Africa.   Other efforts of their business include municipal and toxic waste reduction and renewable energy. 


Kari was drawn to the opportunity to work with McWilliams Collective primarily as an outlet to surround herself with like-minded individuals, clients and organizations, collaboratively working towards a greater cause for global social awareness.  She finds the expanse of innovations provided by McWilliams Collective very exciting, and applicable to many industries, both for- and non-profit.  

Eric McWilliams

CEO & Founding Principal

The birth of my first son, Alistair, followed by the abrupt death of my father was a devastating time in my life.  The emergence of such possibilities contrasted with the permanence of great loss.  I soon realized the contrast I was experiencing must be in some comparative way what untold scores of people face daily.  Possibilities that soon becomes diluted by the obstructionist nature of whatever challenges they face.  It was this dichotomy that ultimately led me to examine the nature of human endeavor and the application of global commerce.

Creation, accomplishment, innovation and compassion are all traits of endeavoring to elevate the global social conscience.  To make certain tomorrow will become a more harmonious and sustainable environment for everyone  than what is the status quo of today.  The conceptualization of McWilliams Collective reflects this hopeful belief.

As CEO and Founding Principal of McWilliams Collective, my fundamental role is to utilize my academic and professional talents to formulate and propel organizational strategies that challenge the global political, cultural, legal, economic, social, technological, religious, governmental and academic realities which foster complacency and diminish human achievement through the application of global commerce.  If applied properly, in conjunction with the correct menu of innovations and consummate principals, theoretical can become necessity, social inequality can become equality for all stake holders, the impoverished can become enriched and barriers can become avenues.

In time, it is my sincere hope that McWilliams Collective will flourish, the bios of our talented and dedicated principals expand reflecting a pathway of organizational integrity, our efforts will be deserving of acceptance and our collaboration will foster the greatest of human achievement.

Chad Roberts

Directing Principal

Marketing & Organizational Development

My personal faith provides me with peace and clarity.  My family gives me a sense of purpose.  Through their development, interactions and changing perceptions of the world, I see divinity unfolding.  Faith and family are the two most important aspects of my life.  Like many, I constantly strive to find tranquility in all of my professional endeavors. Joining McWilliams Collective as Directing Principal of Marketing and Organizational Development, affords me this occupational tranquility and a unique opportunity to utilize my academic training which began with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Murray State University and culminated with over 25 years of professional experience, which allows me a unique perspective for working on projects to help elevate the global social conscience.

I call the community of Hopkinsville, Kentucky home with my wife, Susanne, and our daughter, Candace.  It is my sincerest belief, as is the belief of all of the principals of McWilliams Collective that we are all citizens of a global community and as such compassion and understanding are not defined by geographical barriers.

McWilliams Collective provides a clientele centric approach that is organic.  This organic approach engages our clientele during each phase of a project lifecycle and serves to enhance my professional experience of working with a diverse clientele and talented colleagues by utilizing my background in retail store management, business and marketing development strategies, human resources, sales force development, personnel management, analysis and forecasting, client/vendor relations, B2B & B2P marketing, and supply chain development and management to ensure the highest commitment of project integrity.

Thorough, compassionate, resourceful, dedicated!  A few of the descriptive words that have been offered up by current and former colleagues of Gary Ratliff.  All of which are essential traits to Gary's role of Directing Principal of Organizational Operations and Research for McWilliams Collective.

With over a decade of serving in various capacities in both community based and large academic non-profit healthcare institutions, Gary has a unique perspective of how to effectively impact organizational operations.  Accounting, finance, data management, administrative oversight and clientele centric based skills enhance Gary's ability to properly lead McWilliams Collective in our organizational operations on a daily basis.  

Humility is another virtue Gary possesses which equals his ability to research in a comprehensive fashion the most intricate of topics.  All of Gary's professional talents and his compassion for his fellow man make him a cornerstone in helping McWilliams Collective to elevate the global social conscience and we are elated he has chosen to accompany us on this vital organizational role.  

Gary resides in Nashville where he enjoys spending quality time with his tribe of friends and family.

Gary Ratliff

Directing Principal

Organizational Operations & Research

Brunessa Drayton

Directing Principal

Global Public Health Initiatives

Brunessa is a Professional Vaccine Specialist with Sanofi Pasteur.  She has worked in the pharmaceutical and insurance industry for a combined 18 years. She serves on several boards including the Minerva Foundation and the Cobb County Community Relations Board.

Raised in a military family, Brunessa takes great pride in a strong work ethic, love of country and brings a unique perspective deeply rooted in her African-American and Latina heritages.  This combination makes her a passionate champion for McWilliams Collective to work on behalf of those who have historically been under served and underrepresented.  In her spare time, she enjoys going anywhere that requires a passport" and training for half marathons.  

Brunessa has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Kentucky University studying Political Science and Spanish with minors in Latin American Studies and African American Studies.  She and her husband, Christopher, have four boys and live in Atlanta, Georgia.