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Integrity is not bestowed.  Integrity is the result of perseverance, born out of the necessity to ethically dilute all of the barriers that exist in any human endeavor, until you are left with only the purest of purpose and achievement.  This is the framework behind the integrity guarantee offered by McWilliams Collective to both our clientele and the markets we serve. Perseverance, Purpose, Achievement - McWilliams Collective.


                                                                                                       McWilliams Collective is a for-profit organization of

​collective principals offering a cohesion of innovations to elevate the global social conscience.  Understanding this vital organizational mission statement is essential in understanding how the organizational structure of McWilliams Collective can impact our clientele in a positive and distinct way.

Our group of collective principal's personnel matrix is twofold.  Our core leadership structure is comprised of principals who engage in the daily operational effectiveness of McWilliams Collective and serve as authorities in their respective fields.  Each collective principal who is a member of our core leadership structure is focused intensely on insuring that the clientele represented by McWilliams Collective have unfettered access and achieve concrete success.  Beyond the core leadership structure of McWilliams Collective, our unique personnel matrix allows for additional collective principals that can be project deployed, and is comprised of individual industry leaders, strategic partners, and post-doctoral graduates.  This personnel matrix insures that our clientele is represented by the most engaged minds and relevant talent that the world has to offer, while simultaneously employing a matrix that equally focuses on cost containment.  

Cohesion of innovations builds on a fundamental belief that as an organization we can offer a grouping of comprehensive and complementary products and services that are both innovative in their nature, and the nature in which McWilliams Collective will deliver them to the global market place.  In order for the cohesion of innovations to be both innovative in nature and innovative in the way they are delivered to the market place, they must be organic, contemporary and relevant.  Organic because they derive from the need to address a constantly changing global regulatory climate, contemporary because they derive from the reality that dilemmas of a global nature can be unrecognizable and shifting and require proper identification and articulation, and relevant because they offer transformation to affairs of a global nature that historically have been articulated but have yet to see adequate resolution.

To elevate the global social conscience reflects a sincere organizational desire to work only with a global clientele that perpetuates products and services, philosophies, and technologies that promote both a moral imperative and a societal tangible benefit.  This desire is further defined by both the organizational philosophy and organizational guarantee of integrity of McWilliams Collective.


​human, intellectual, spiritual and financial capital to engage all of societal problems and not possess an apathetic view of the world.  This is our philosophy.  This is how McWilliams Collective will elevate the global social conscience.  

McWilliams Collective will elevate the global social conscience by listening to our neighbors, friends, colleagues, the vast talent of principals who share one common principle, our strategic partners, our affiliations, communities that we cherish, and communities around the globe.  Our children who inspire us!  By visualizing the value in all human endeavor and engineering innovations to change the human dynamic for the betterment of us all. Through the realization that as citizens around the globe become more interdependent, we must strive to explore this connection and foster innovations to secure a common humanity.  Allowing for all of our collective   

The earth is becoming increasingly more interdependent and thus socially integrated because of 21st century human achievement.  Truly an accomplishment neither to be trivialized nor dismissed.  Whether domestic or abroad many issues of a complex nature are still plaguing a 21st century global citizenry and are in need of comprehensive acknowledgement. Often, the complexities of these issues create divisiveness and inaction when instead they should be fostering tolerance, hope, compassion, innovation and collaboration around the globe.  Many effective organizations are engaged in trying to change this dynamic.  We are no exception.

Organizational Structure

Organizational philosophy.

organizational philosophy