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Organizational Conceptualization & Implementation Cohesion of Innovations Menu:

  • Business plan development and publication of a comprehensive nature

  • Marketing plant development and publication of a comprehensive nature
  • Organizational impact startup feasibility studies of a comprehensive nature
  • Economic and financial modeling for startups of a comprehensive nature
  • Full service organizational implementation of a comprehensive nature
  • Support staff structure of a comprehensive nature such as but not limited to administrative, book keeping, accounting, billing and receivabile's, IT & logistics

A dialogue with potential clientele:

Ideas can be fleeting.  Occasionally an idea can be so empowering that the very tenacity of such an experience can drive an individual to exceptional achievement simply by trying to fulfill a unique vision.

How do you start?  Is there an organization that can mentor you that has gone before?  Where do you seek the support necessary to turn a fledgling idea in its infancy into an organizational implementation that can have a positive impact on the world?

McWilliams Collective created the Organizational 

Conceptualization & Implementation Cohesion of Innovations Menu because each of our principals have experienced that nagging necessity.  The necessity that asks nothing in return, other than for an individual to step outside of the traditional confines of their daily activities, and allow one unique idea to flourish.  An idea that could change humanity, challenges the status-quo, or seeks to elevate the global social conscience.

Potential clientele of interest:

Any socialpreneur, entrepreneur, artisan, for-profit, not-for-profit, any domestic 501(c) not-for-profit such as but not limited to a charity, foundation, social welfare organization or business league, governmental agency either domestic or international, NGO, international agency, or any organized movement seeking to elevate the global social conscience.

organizational conceptualization

& implementation