Currently within McWilliams Collective our manufacturing initiatives are focusing on biomimetics, additive manufacturing, smart technologies, alternative energy technology and sustainable materials.  It is our sincere belief that by focusing on these five initiatives, the product and services that McWilliams Collective will subsequently develop and bring to the global market place will greatly enhance the world around us for future generations to come.

Potential clientele of interest:
Any for-profit, not-for-profit, any domestic 501 (c) not-for-profit such as but not limited to a charity or foundation engaged in manufacturing initiatives , governmental agency either domestic or international, NGO, international agency, university, think tank, research institution, or any organized movement seeking to engage in manufacturing initiatives that seek elevate the global social conscience.  

Manufacturing Initiatives Cohesion of Innovations Menu:

A dialogue with potential clientele:

The McWilliams Collective Manufacturing Initiatives Cohesion of Innovations Menu was born out of an intense organizational desire to research, develop and manufacture products and services that once brought to the international market place will by their very nature elevate the global social conscience.  This desire extends to serving as a strategic partner to any entity seeking to achieve the same organizational outcome. The achievements by McWilliams Collective in this undertaking make choosing us as a strategic partner in any socially responsible global manufacturing initiative, essential in helping an organization achieve optimal success. 

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