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Educational Initiatives Cohesion of Innovations Menu:.

Potential clientele of interest:.

Any for-profit, not-for-profit, any domestic 501(c) not-for-profit such as but not limited to a charity, foundation, governmental agency either domestic or international, NGO, international agency, university, think tank, research, institution, or any organized movement seeking to engage in Educational Initiatives that seek to elevate the global social conscience.  

models and bring them to the proper global market place, and harness adaptive technologies that can reduce the socioeconomic and societal barriers that hinder educational initiatives around the globe.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Together. McWilliams Collective. .

Dialogue with potential clientele:

The Principals of McWilliams Collective believe that every global citizen is entitled to the equality a proper education can provide.  The Educational Initiatives Cohesion of Innovations Menu is specifically designed to promote a global educational market exchange that will foster educational capacity building in under-served and at risk populations, promote the development of educational .

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