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Economic Re-Positioning for Non-Profits Cohesion

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Potential clientele of interest:

Any not-for-profit, any domestic 501(c) not-for-profit such as but not limited to a charity, foundation, social welfare organization or business league, municipality, governmental agency either domestic or international, NGO, international agency, university, healthcare agency, or any organized movement seeking to elevate the global social conscience.

Menu to help any non-profit seeking to elevate the global social conscience address contractability responsibly and with compassion.  Often, it is essential for a non-profit to seek outside counsel when struggling with a disruptive internal dynamic because objectivity can give way to a strong since of organizational purpose.  The Principals of McWilliams Collective understand this dynamic and can provide relevant industry knowledge in conjunction with a menu of innovative solutions to help get an organization back on the correct trajectory without compromising an organizational principles, commitments or negatively impacting dedicated staff.   

A dialogue with potential clientele:

The life cycle of any not-for-profit can experience both achievement and diminishment.  These natural cycles are uniformly not a testament to the fundamental mission of a non-profit.  If a non-profit does experience a cycle of contractability, it is often difficult for the organization to properly identify the underlying systemic problem and bring about organizational alignment.

McWilliams Collective developed the Economic Re-Positioning for Non-Profits Cohesion of Innovations 

Economic Re-Positioning

for Non-Profits